Islamic Arabic Prose Lessons

Islamic Arabic Prose Lessons

Selections from Masterpieces of 'al-Mukhtarat’ & 'al-Manthurat’:Text and Translation

Noor Publishing ( 31.08.2021 )

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تسوق من ماركت الكتب

Syed Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi was one of the great scholars of Islam and Arabic studies, who had a systematic style of writing .As a religious scholar, he used his writing as a tool to the advancement of Islam throughout its history by highlighting the role of eminent personalities and by describing their accomplishment in the field of Islamic revival and renovation.'Mukhtarat Min Adab al-Arab' is a collection of ArabIc Prose selections by Nadwi. Muhammad Rabey Hasani Nadwi has wtitten the book 'Manthurat Min Adab al-Arab', which is a collection comprised of the literary texts from the beginning of Islamic Period to Modern Period. In the manner of 'Mukhtarat' the book 'Manthurat ' is presented. It makes the representation of authentic littérateurs of Islamic history.The composition of these books ‘are based on the framing of perfect course modules for higher education in Nadwatul Ulama.These are collections between Islamic virtues and modern beneficences.The purpose of this work 'Islamic ArabIc Prose Lessons' is to explain to the students, the Arabic Prose to the non-Native speakers. I have endeavored in this book for those who wish to learn it through the English text.

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