Arbitration in the UAE

Arbitration in the UAE

explaining the new arbitration lawNo. {6} for the year 2018

Noor Publishing ( 15.11.2019 )

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The United Arab Emirates is in an important economic position to attract investors and capital from all over the world to develop and open the door to investment. The United Arab Emirates has sought to adopt a new law replacing Civil Procedure Act No. 11 of 1992, with distinctive quality and a prosperous market. This law was not limited to modernity but was repealed from article 203 to article 218 of the Code of Civil Procedure. Arbitrators and international centers of practice and interest are well aware that this evolution of this law is qualitative and will have an impact on the work of international arbitration in the UAE,Considering that the Emirian legislator has made this law subject to the provisions of Federal Law No. 11/1992 on the Code of Civil Procedure, Chapter IV Enforcement of Foreign Judgments, Orders and Obligations, Articles 235-238 and Chapter V Procedures for the application of Articles 239-243, I will try to explain this unique law in the hope that I can highlight the most important articles.

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Azab Alaziz Alhashemi

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