The Olson's Marriage Enrichment Training on Intimacy

The Olson's Marriage Enrichment Training on Intimacy

and Marital Commitment of Married Women in Tehran

Noor Publishing ( 17.03.2022 )

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The purpose of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of marriage enrichment training by Olson method on intimacy and marital commitment of married women in Tehran in 2017-18. The present study, including quasi-experimental designs, is a pre-test-post-test with a control group. The statistical population in this study includes all married women in Tehran. The sample group includes 30 women using cluster random sampling. The data collection method was: library and field. Data collection tools in this study are two questionnaires and standard. Its reliability has been calculated using Cronbach's alpha above 0.70. The collected data were analyzed by descriptive and inferential methods through SPSS software. In this research, descriptive statistics were used to calculate the mean and standard deviation of research variables and show the frequency and related graphs, and inferential statistics were used to test the research hypotheses. Before testing the hypotheses, the hypothesis of normality of data distribution was performed by Kolmogorov-Smirnov test.Then the assumption of homogeneity of variances through Levin test in all variables of the two groups is investigated.

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Sara Kakolian

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