Silver Linings of Black Cumin

Silver Linings of Black Cumin

Noor Publishing ( 28.03.2022 )

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Black cumin is one of the most admired oilseeds since ages till now. It is the seed extracted from the plant named Nigella sativa which belongs to the botanical angiosperm family of the Ranunculaceae. Nigella sativa is an annual plant, sowing takes place between September and November depends on the warmth of weather. The main active constituent of Nigella sativa is thymoquinone, along with other phytoconstituents including alkaloids, saonins, sterols and essential oils. The Nigella sativa seed contains 20-34% of fixed oil. Black cumin oil is used in various other curative activities. Cumin is discussed worldwide due to its marvelous wonders it contributed towards the medicinal world. It helps in preventing or treating diseases in every aspect of ailments. Black cumin has different recognition called as black seed, black caraway, kalonji or coriander. It’s commonly used in herbal medicines and spices for its distinctive aroma. Black cumin has pungent bitter taste. Cumin is incredibly effective cure to prevent many animal and human ailments.

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Alim Nisa
Mishal Malik
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