Analysis of the Situational Prevention of Crimes

Analysis of the Situational Prevention of Crimes

Against Property in Cyberspace

Noor Publishing ( 19.12.2022 )

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In the definitions of virtual space, this space is considered an electronic environment or a network environment of computers that tries to simulate the three-dimensional objects and realities of the real world by using audio and visual effects, but the claim It is possible that they lack physical materiality. It is said that one of the distinctive characteristics of this space is space lessness and timelessness. Some people call virtual space cyber space. Virtual space, like social space, has not been spared from the crime phenomenon and is subject to cybercrimes, which are divided into two groups. The first group are crimes that also occur in the physical world. The second group is related to the crimes of exclusive abuse of this space, which cannot be committed in the physical space. For this reason, a solution should be thought of for these crimes, and we have two options in this regard, one is criminal measures and the other is non-criminal measures.

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Mahmoud Reza Haji Nasraleh
Narges Pourshahi Aghchekand

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