Principles of Village Design in Architecture

Principles of Village Design in Architecture

with a Sustainable Energy Perspective

Noor Publishing ( 17.02.2023 )

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A look at the stages of historical development of many cities in our country leads us to the fact that although urban development in them was accompanied by quantitative development of the city and an increase in construction along with an increase in urban incomes, but in terms of environmental quality, this development has been associated with many challenges. One of the constant problems of our cities today is the lack of recreational and tourism spaces. Tourism has become the basis for idea generation, entertainment and recreation, job creation and entrepreneurship, and in a more modern form has become an interconnected network of economic, social, civil and cultural infrastructures. Meanwhile, the vast country of Iran, with its extensive cultural, heritage and natural attractions, is one of the top countries in the world in terms of tourist attractions and has many potentials for the development of tourism, tourism and leisure at the national level and is international.

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Masoud Asari

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