E-Learning evolved through the three web generations and it is corporated with the different concepts in information technology. E-learning is based on information; however, a good learning process needs utilized information coupled with people’s skills and ideas. In this thesis web 2.0 services are used to enhance knowledge sharing and content creating in the proposed e-learning system. E-learning systems are full of functions & services & need to be adapted continuously in order to meet the changes in the educational environment, so e-learning can be best implemented using service oriented architecture to achieve greater and better service agility to respond to organizational changes. In this thesis, an e-learning framework is used to propose a service-oriented architecture for e-learning system that used the web 2.0 approach in knowledge sharing and content creating. It’s implemented in AASTMT. A questionnaire is conducted for the students to evaluate the proposed system. The questionnaire provided a good indication of the usage of the proposed system about the usage of the proposed system and that their main features are well used such as the collaboration tools.

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Nancy M. Rizk
Mohamed Abo Rizka
Abdelfatah Hegazi

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Informatics, IT