The Investigating the Effectiveness of Emotion Regulation Training

The Investigating the Effectiveness of Emotion Regulation Training

on Children's Social Competence

Noor Publishing ( 04.11.2022 )

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Today, the slogan of destruction is waiting for you, unless you are creative and innovative, it is in front of the managers of all organizations, but the responsibility of educational organizations, especially education, which is responsible for the education of children and the future builders of society, is another aspect. Basically, one of the indicators of scientific growth and advancement in any country is the flourishing and manifestation of creativity and initiative as the infrastructure of that society. Therefore, educational organizations have the task of providing the basis for the growth and cultivation of creativity and innovation and the correct and directed use of talents and abilities of individuals, which is the basis for cultural, economic and social development in the society. Human society needs transformation and innovation to survive and avoid death and stagnation. Today's complex life is drinking every moment, creativity and innovation are the necessity of active life. In order to create vitality and dynamism in life, man needs innovation and creativity to satisfy his desire for diversity.

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Reihaneh Haj Mohammadi
Najmeh Ghiasi
Neda Malekpour

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