Thermal Comfort Conditions Within Primary Schools in Hot Arid Areas

Thermal Comfort Conditions Within Primary Schools in Hot Arid Areas

Case Study of the Existing Schools Design in Egypt

Noor Publishing ( 20.09.2016 )

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School buildings in Egypt are often designed based on natural ventilation without sufficient consideration of the local outdoor environment. The construction section in Ministry of Education uses one prototype design for schools construct across the various regions of Egypt. Therefore, the indoor environment quality which in turn affects pupils thermal comfort, health and learning efficiency in those schools are unknown. Therefore, this work assessed through experimental and computational investigations the existing thermal comfort conditions within the governmental primary schools in Egypt and identified the percentage of the school time that the pupils spent in their classrooms within thermal comfort conditions. The study concluded that there is a need for design guidelines for school buildings in Egypt to improve the thermal comfort quality of governmental primary school buildings to be constructed from now on.

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Ahmed Hamza H. Ali
Ahmed Abdeen Abdel-Rady Saleem

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Building and environmental technology