Kinetic Shading System in Residential Buildings

Kinetic Shading System in Residential Buildings

Effects on Indoor Thermal Comfort and Building Energy Consumption within Egypt

Noor Publishing ( 08.11.2016 )

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The building envelope is an essential core factor that affects on the amount energy required for building heating and cooling load demand. This book present the potentials of kinetic shading facades towards enhancing the indoor thermal comfort conditions in residential buildings its effect the energy consumption required by air-conditioners for the building cooling and heating demand. Experimental investigation of thermal conditions of existing residential building was carried out during summer and winter sessions of 2016 at Alexandria, (northern of Egypt). Moreover, the computational study is implemented to predict indoor thermal comfort conditions and energy savings at different climate regions of Egypt. The experimental results show that the improvement in thermal comfort conditions using the kinetic shading system in north part of Egypt during the summer season is about 66.41%. While, in winter, the comfort conditions improvement reaches to 19.11% and the energy consumption was decreased by 25% in the summer period and 19% in winter sessions.

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Ahmed Hamza H. Ali
Mostafa Mohamed Sayed Ahmed Hassan

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Building and environmental technology