The Pedagogic Discourse and the Construction of Identity

The Pedagogic Discourse and the Construction of Identity

Gender Representation in the Moroccan EFL Textbook Discourse

Noor Publishing ( 16.11.2016 )

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This study examines the manifestations of unequal distribution of power to genders in the gendered dialogues and talk exchanges embedded in the Moroccan EFL textbooks. In this endeavour, the study is methodologically guided by the works of the Critical Discourse Analysis scholars. The research is also characterized by the implementation of M.A.K Halliday‘s Systemic Functional Linguistics, mainly modality analysis at the interpersonal level and transitivity analysis at the experiential level. The conversational methods and techniques are employed to map out the way people exert power over interlocutants, reproduce or challenge prevailing gender ideology in talk. The results show that inequality perseveres in the gendered distribution of modals and transitivity process types that grant males the power of self-assertiveness, inclination to activity and material words, and domination in the world of science and knowledge. In contrast, women are confined to the world of caring, feeling, home and social spheres. The importance of the results is proved by their implication for the improvement of society as a whole.

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Mohamed Jaafari

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English linguistics / literature science