This system is applied in the industrial companies which depends on a continuous production lines as in the case of Berber Cement Factory. The production of cement has a great demand in the local, regional and international markets. It plays a great roll in the building construction. Therefore, the aim of the study was to guarantee the stability of the production line in the factory and avoiding the stoppage of production at different times so as to raise the efficiency of the factory. To attain this goal we must lay out a suitable program and a scheduling system in order to design a preventive maintenance system for the different work jobs in the factory. This can be achieved by using conventional maintenance operation system as that found in other Cement Factory. This system enables the engineers in Berber Cement Company to follow up the maintenance and consequently minimizes the malfunction and break down of the production and in this way the engineers can be sure of the continuity of the operation of the work in the factory without any obstacles and that the operation procedures are running successfully.

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Mohammed Zakreia Mohammed Abed Elrhman
Osama Mohammed Elmardi Suleiman Khayal
Mohammed Ibrahim Shukri

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