This Book is higly relevant to the contemporary society particularly due to the existence of a number of complicated legal issues surrounding cosmetic products, especially where the material ingredients used in the making of the products contain impure, harmful and poisonous substances. Therefore, in order to properly enlighten the Muslims community on this issue, it is imperative to set guiding principles and Sharia rules governing the transformation process (istihalah) that occurs in the production of these products. It is in the service for this purpose that this study unrolls and presents some important Shari’a rules governing istihalah in cosmetic products which are supported by authorities and proofs drawn from the sources of Islamic law, the various classical fiqh doctrines and the views expressed by contemporary jurists that can be conveniently applied in a wide range of consumer products including, cleaning products, medicine and so on. The book will therefore serve as a scientific reference guide to institutions and bodies specialized in the marketing of the products, bodies in charge of standards and measures and the like.

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Muneer Ali Abdul Rab Al-Qubaty

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General Humanities