Phytopharmacological features of Thymus algeriensis

Phytopharmacological features of Thymus algeriensis

Ethnobotanical, Anatomical features of glandular hairs and pharmacological effects of Thymus hirtus sp. algeriensis

Noor Publishing ( 29.09.2021 )

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This study focuses on the extraction of secondary metabolites from Thymus hirtus sp.algeriensis, an indigenous plant of Gafsa. A study was conducted on the chemical composition of the essential oil and aqueous extracts of this plant. Quantitatively, the evaluation of the content of total polyphenols by adopting the Folin-Ciocalteu method reveals the presence of significant amounts of polyphenols. Likewise, we have determined the flavonoids by the AlCl3 method which leads us to conclude that this plant contains a considerable amount of flavonoids. Analysis of the extracts by HPLC showed that T. algeriensis is rich in flavonoids of the rutin, quercetin and kaempferol types. Analysis with a GC/MS made it possible to quantify and identify the volatile products. It has been noted that Eucalyptol is the major constituent of the aerial part of T. algeriensis with a concentration of 13.37% in THEV. The analysis by the SEM apparatus made it possible to identify the various organs of secretion of essential oils. The work is focused on demonstrating the antioxidant by DPPH and FRAP tests and antimicrobial, using disc diffusion assay, activities of thyme biocompounds

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Fatma Guesmi
Ahmed Landoulsi

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