English Language Testing: Theoretical Aspects

English Language Testing: Theoretical Aspects

A Teacher's Guide to Writing and Using English Language Tests

Noor Publishing ( 10.12.2021 )

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The experience of having taught English language, linguistics ,translation and language testing in particular as long as over than 20 years convinces me that students of linguistics often need a solid grounding in the course of language testing. Once they have a basic understanding of this an important area, they have little trouble mastering English language testing as a whole., which is an important part of linguistic knowledge and constitutes a component of student's use of testing . It can be said that testing is the use of tests, or the study of the theory and practice of their use. Of Course, the more courses required of students within their discipline, the more can they benefit themselves from the fields inside their major. Such factors often help students develop a positive attitude towards language testing to be sensitized to tests item, test-retest reliability, test- validity and some related matters to testing of English language while being exposed to and testing , and especially in unfamiliar area.

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Ali Albashir Mohammed Alhaj

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