Database of Medicinal Properties and Scientific Name

Database of Medicinal Properties and Scientific Name

of Medicinal Plants

Noor Publishing ( 15.12.2021 )

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The use of medicinal plants, which is one of the forms of traditional medicine treatments, has been considered as a model in the treatment of various diseases for thousands of years before the Industrial Revolution and the era of discoveries and inventions. With the beginning of a new era in modern medicine and the discovery of chemical drugs, the use of traditional medicine and herbs gradually became less and less. But over time, when man became acquainted with the harms of chemical medicine and its inability to prevent and treat some diseases, man again turned his attention to traditional medicine and medicinal plants. Our goal in this book is to change the common approach in some academic communities to the importance of medicinal plants. The approach that is sometimes presented with a scientific appearance and as an academic exposure to medicinal plants indicates that the treatment with medicinal plants is unscientific. In response to this type of exposure, we can refer to cases such as the presence of a large number of chemical drugs of plant origin, which indicates the presence of effective substances in the treatment of various diseases in a variety of plants.

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