Investigation of Wastewater Treatment

Investigation of Wastewater Treatment

in Collection Networks

Noor Publishing ( 05.12.2022 )

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In this Book, we first give an overview of the importance of research and point to the role of collection networks in sustainable development. The generalities of physical, chemical, and biological processes that occur in wastewater collection networks and their importance are discussed. Finally, the necessity of research, hypotheses and research objectives are stated. Today, sewage collection networks are one of the most important infrastructures of human societies and play an important role in the development of cities. The main role of these structures can be collecting sewage from cities, preventing the spread of epidemic diseases and providing public health conditions. The operating costs of wastewater collection networks are very high and account for approximately 75% of the costs associated with the overall wastewater treatment process. Therefore, the maintenance of these facilities is very important. Optimal and efficient design of wastewater collection networks plays an important role in sustainable development plans. These facilities are very expensive and in case of problems such as corrosion in these networks, the executive management will incur heavy costs.

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Roozbeh Behzadi

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