Language was one of the first means of communication between humans. Before the emergence of human societies, people used to convey meaning to each other in various ways. Images carved on the walls of caves, use of fire to send a message of danger, imitation of animal sounds, etc. were used to convey meaning before verbal communication. Then a conventional relationship between sound and meaning of words was used and everything was named. Later, when the language found legal status; Each tribe, depending on their social-cultural structure, used it in such a way that they were able to maintain the ultimate goal of "Communication". The variety and variety of language has a special privilege for every nation, and therefore every language has subtle points, ironies and hints that cannot be ignored, and no smooth translation can convey the pleasure of understanding its words to other languages unless one learns that language. One of the most important reasons for using English as the main language is the long-term colonial presence of the former statesmen of the colonial countries in other countries.

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Sanaz Jamshidi

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