Cosmetic surgery is a medical plastic surgery that is done to change, reconstruct and beautify or fix the appearance of damage and defects of a part of the face or body. With the progress of science, the interest in cosmetic surgery has increased a lot in Iran, and doctors have earned a lot of income, that's why even general doctors perform these operations without expertise. Preserving the sanctity of medical science and the practice of medicine and the physical and mental health of the people requires compliance with the principles of ethics and medical rights by the medical profession. Examining medical malpractice in cosmetic surgeries, the findings of the research indicate that medical malpractice means that the doctor unintentionally and due to carelessness, carelessness, or even lack of skill in treatment methods, causes an act contrary to his duties. In the articles of the law, the legislator has established punishments for the violators of medical responsibility, some of which are in the Islamic penal code and other parts in other laws, including the single article of the penal code, refraining from helping the injured and removing life risks and its regulations.

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Sedighe Moussaie
Narges Pourshahi Aghche Kande

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Public law, Administrative-, Constitutional Procedural Law