The Role and Place of Education

The Role and Place of Education

in the Progress and Development of Society

Noor Publishing ( 29.12.2022 )

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In the set of social transformations of the last century and the era of technology and technology and the rapid progress of information, the strong tendency and attention to education issues is interesting. Because the institution of education is the most obvious manifestation of investment in human resources in the field of modernization and development of the country, economically, socially and culturally, it plays a fundamental role. This institution is responsible for transferring our knowledge, value and ability to humans so that it can influence their destiny, their society and the world community. The education system of every country is the center of crystallization, scientific innovation, return to internal resources and forces, and the manifestation of a comprehensive cultural identity in the current time. It is on this basis that many countries of the world consider their progress and modernization dependent on principled policies and codified planning in the field of their education system.

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Fatima Zahra Mohammadi

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