Investigating the Dimensions of Sacred Defense

Investigating the Dimensions of Sacred Defense

in Various Fields in Iran

Noor Publishing ( 06.02.2023 )

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تسوق من ماركت الكتب

Examining the Iraqi army's aggression by taking into account the political, economic and military situation of the parties will provide researchers with some subtle points and will help to organize and analyze this incident in the history of our country. One of the important parts of this incident is the complex role of governments and organizations claiming human rights and their positions during the eight years of war. Knowing the causes, goals and contexts of Iraq's war against Iran is not only a library issue, but is among strategic studies and practical issues in the field of Iran's national security and interests. However, for more than four hundred years, we have been afraid, confused and sometimes suffering from the border disputes in the west of our country, and the most important of these sufferings is the eight-year war, which was unprecedented in terms of duration in the 20th century.

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Milad Karimi

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