Explaining the Commercial Performance of Manufacturing Companies

Explaining the Commercial Performance of Manufacturing Companies

on Marketing Strategies in the form of a Model

Noor Publishing ( 01.01.2023 )

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In today's competitive world, there are successful companies that can create more values for customers and, according to Sergio Zyman, provide more reasons to customers to encourage them to buy and create a long-term relationship with the company. Creating superior value for the customer in the shadow of various components provides the basis for improving the business performance of companies. In the present research, each of the variables was described using descriptive statistics indicators and then tested using a causal model. The results of the analyzes showed that there is generally a relationship between the resources of companies and marketing strategies and the capabilities of companies and marketing strategies. Also, there is a positive relationship between marketing strategies and competitive advantage. On the other hand, competitive advantage is related to market performance and financial performance, and finally, there is a positive and direct relationship between market performance and financial performance.

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Zahra Sadat Mirshafiian

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