Investigating the Geopolitical and Security Approaches

Investigating the Geopolitical and Security Approaches

Iran and Its Neighbors

Noor Publishing ( 17.02.2023 )

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The Islamic world, with a population of more than one billion people, is a large demographic, cultural, economic and political pole, covering a vast area of the earth that has strong capabilities for convergence. From the point of view of political geography, most of the Islamic countries are in the first stages of the political organization of space. In these countries, the population is increasing rapidly. In terms of geopolitics, there are also issues in the Islamic world. The Islamic countries located in the middle east and north Africa suffer from the natural and geographical problem of water scarcity, which has created a challenge between countries with shared water basins and has turned water into a geopolitical issue. On the other hand, the Islamic world has considerable areas of convergence, which is the largest reservoir of energy at the disposal of the Islamic world. Due to the declining energy hydrocarbon resources in other areas, the Persian Gulf region will continue to be a serious concern of the world economy for at least the next quarter of a century due to its huge energy resources, and this feature is enough for the geopolitics of this region.

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