The Validity of Ordinary Documents and the Guarantee

The Validity of Ordinary Documents and the Guarantee

of Its Implementation in the Judicial Procedure

Noor Publishing ( 20.02.2023 )

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Today, most of the transactions that are regulated regarding immovable property are normal, and the conflict between social realities or registration regulations, etc., has caused many problems in the society and especially in the courts of law. According to articles 46 and 47 of the document registration law, many transfers regarding real estate interests must be registered. Otherwise, according to article 48 of the registration law, such documents will not be accepted in any of the offices and courts. Looking at the provisions of the registration law and examining the results of its implementation, it becomes clear that the goals of establishing these regulations are to create legal order in the financial and transactional relationships of individuals as much as possible, and to eliminate ambiguity and eliminate the source of conflict, and to narrow the field of lawsuits and disputes as much as possible. It has also been to provide the conditions of the nobility and the control of the ruling powers over property and transactions and the possibility of making decisions and planning necessary for the administration of the country.

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Mohammad Hossein Moradbeygi
Mohsen Abedi

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