Urban Planning in Sudan

Urban Planning in Sudan

Social and Economic Urbanization Factors and their Effects on Local Population

Noor Publishing ( 17.07.2023 )

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Chapter one in this book includes study of urban planning. It is discussed from the viewpoints of general introduction to urban planning; historical background; twenty first century practices; planning theories; technical aspects of urban planning; urban planners; criticisms and debates; and participatory urban planning. In chapter two squatting in Sudan is discussed thoroughly from the consideration of introduction to squatting in Sudan; and historical background of squatting in Sudan. Chapter three deliberates architecture in Sudan from the considerations of introduction; early historical periods; traditional architecture; Anglo-Egyptian rule in the 20th Century; modern architecture after independence; and contemporary architecture in the 21st century. In chapter four social and economic urbanization factors and their effects on Atbara city – Sudan are discussed thoroughly from different points of view which includes introduction; research problem; research question; research objectives; the hypotheses; literature review; methodology; results and analysis of the present study; data presentation and analysis; discussions of findings; and finally conclusions and recommendations.

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Osama Mohammed Elmardi Suleiman Khayal
Mashael Saeed Ali

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