Examining Factors of Anxiety, Social Capital, Job Satisfaction

Examining Factors of Anxiety, Social Capital, Job Satisfaction

and Organizational Commitment in Educational Systems

Noor Publishing ( 14.02.2024 )

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Organization and being organized is an inseparable part of our life. We have relations and dealings with many organizations and finally we leave the world stage in one organization with a special funeral and burial ceremony. Therefore, people spend most of their lives in organizations or in relation to organizations, and this shows the importance of organizations' position in the current world.As the most important and valuable capital of the organization, human resources are thoughtful and capable agents who can create a dynamic and powerful organization by optimally using other resources. The concept of social capital as resources and rewards that people get through social relationships has gained wide acceptance. Social capital, like other capitals, is productive and has many components that can only be obtained in the heart of groups and communities and based on the mutual action of individuals. Trust, participation, collectivism, empathy, cooperation and realization of individual interests in the form of group common interests are among the important characteristics of this concept.

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Hosein Farmani
Atiyeh Nazaryan
Mona ShabanSorouri

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Education, Occupation, Career