Curriculum in the Digital Age

Curriculum in the Digital Age

Noor Publishing ( 26.03.2024 )

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There are two different approaches regarding the impact of information and communication technology on the educational system (and specifically schools). Some believe that the effect of new technologies is gradual and only makes the transmission of the traditional curriculum more efficient, and in fact, access to information becomes faster. Another approach believes that the entry of information and communication technology into schools fundamentally changes the goals and tools of education. From this point of view, information technology overcomes the structural boundaries of the traditional education system. Although the above are some of the achievements of the use of information technology, it is naive if we imagine that the introduction of information technology alone will cause an educational revolution. Therefore, a change in the traditional school towards a smart school requires a change in the country's education system, and it will never be possible to set up smart schools unless the structure of the education system is changed. This requires planning for at least twenty years.

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Navid Hasanpour Azad
Saeedeh Jodi Chelansafly
Reyhaneh Ebrahimi

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