Nanoparticles Explained

Nanoparticles Explained

Synthesis, Applications, and Characterization for Undergraduate Studies

Noor Publishing ( 13.05.2024 )

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A nanoparticle is a small particle whose size and length can be between 1 and 100 nm in all 3 dimensions. This particle cannot be recognized by the human eye and can show different physical and chemical properties compared to larger particles. This word is composed of two Greek and Latin words that mean dwarf and particle. When materials are in nano size, they show special properties. For example, copper becomes transparent in nano dimensions. Inert materials, such as platinum and gold, are activated and the melting temperature of nanomaterials is dramatically reduced. Nanotechnology has the potential to change our lives. Some of its applications include energy storage and production (batteries), information technology, medical technology, food and water purification and purification, precision measuring instruments and the environment.This book consists of 4 chapters including: Chapter I (Introduction to Nano-particles),Chapter II (Synthesis of Nano-particles), Chapter III (Applications of Nano-particles),Chapter IV (Characterization of Nano-particles). It is hoped that this book will help students and interested people as an important and scientific resource.

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