The Medical Interpreter Book PART 2

The Medical Interpreter Book PART 2

Introduction | English –Arabic Glossary | Scenarios & Games

Noor Publishing ( 14.02.2024 )

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This book, helps starting your path to becoming an accomplished English-Arabic medical interpreter. It includes:Introduction to interpretation, history, modern-day roles of interpreters, techniques for effective interpretation, and HIPAA regulations.A section detailing the Latin prefixes and suffixes used to construct all medical terminology, including their interpretation to English and Arabic, with examples, a chapter on Anatomy and Physiology, with translations for common symptoms, diseases, a chapter for medical science, including translations of common symptoms, diseases and treatments for each. As this is a very extensive subject, it will be continued in Part 2.A chapter on Vaccines, Laboratory investigations and Radiological examinations, a chapter on real-life scenarios that the reader can practice interpretation skills, can also be used as a group-study role-play.A section with puzzles and games to help reader memorize common medical terminology.Accuracy-wise, the book is reviewed by a world-wide specialized doctors, who are bilingual or multilingual in English and another native language such as Arabic, Danish, French, German, Hindi, Korean, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish,…

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El-Sayed Abdulrazek
Sharifa Alaraimi
Maysaa Khattab

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